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Cathy Webster and Dr. Theresa Alloy are the founders of “Humble Angel Honey”. Cathy is married to David Webster and has two daughters. Theresa is married to Steven Alloy and has one son and two daughters. Theresa Alloy and David Webster are “Bee Keepers” (Just for hobby)
One day, Cathy and Theresa had been discussing the fact that most of the fundraising products and companies they saw in public and parochial schools had been “secular” (Absent of GOD)
An example: the magazines subscriptions.
They wanted to find a fundraising company and product, that said: “PRO-GOD, PRO-Faith, PRO-Morals and Values, PRO-Family, and PRO-LIFE”. Also, to find a high quality product, that was appealing, unique, and under $20.00. Was that too much to ask for?
Honey made sense in every aspect! It's mentioned in the Bible many times, Jesus enjoyed it, it won't become stale, it's pure and natural, it tastes heavenly, it has anti-bacterial properties, and it's the healthier sweetener! Honey is an Amazing Food.
In starting this company it was important to Cathy and Theresa that, “God be their CEO”, and their husbands be,“Bee-Cons of Hope” for them.
So, with much prayer and the support of their families, Cathy and Theresa found the courage to establish, “Humble Angel Honey.”

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