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Ten Advantages Straight from the Hive

Are you wondering why this fundraising project could be a tremendous success? Here is why.

PRO-LIFE  We are a company that believes that LIFE is precious at every stage! God is the Creator of Life. “See that you despise not one of these little ones: For I say to you, that their angels in heaven always see the face of My Father who is in heaven.” (Mt. 18:10)

CHRISTIAN  We put God front and center at Humble Angel Honey. Our faith is important to us. In the past, when we were challenged with the task of raising funds for our church, school or other charities, we were limited to high-priced secular fundraisers. We wanted that to change.

PREMIUM QUALITY  Humble Angel Honey is 100% pure premium honey acquired from a local cooperative of beekeepers. Quality is important to us. Our honey has a wonderful heavenly taste. It is the all-natural sweetness that everybody loves!

100% PURE  Nothing else quite tastes like pure honey. Honey is nature’s perfect food. It needs no chemical changes or additives. It’s the world’s perfect, natural sweetener.

HEALTHY  Honey is nature’s energy booster, builds a great immunity and is a natural remedy for many ailments. It is fat-free, sodium-free and has no cholesterol.

PROFITABLE  You have a great amount of flexibility in how you operate, and you sell it for whatever price you think is best. Humble Angel Honey is the perfect way to fundraise without complications, while showing your faith in God.

EASY  One of the great benefits is the simplicity involved.

RISK-FREE  Honey will keep indefinitely if stored in a sealed container. But what’s more, unopened cases can always be sent back. There is no return deadline. A recipe for great Success!

ADORABLE  Who can resist this humble little angel?

SWEET AS CAN BEE  There is no alternative for honey. Only God’s little bees can make this perfect food – man can’t imitate it. Do you like honey? Jesus ate it. It’s good for your body and good for your soul.

Profits & Advantages

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