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Fundraising Styles - Bee all you can Bee!

Humble Angel wants you to BEE Confident in Your Style・of Fundraising.

This is the most traditional style of fundraising. This is going around to your neighbors where most people know you. It would be best to go in pairs or as a small group. Who can say NO・to a group of smiling young people with pure hearts for their Noble and Worthy Cause selling, Humble angel Honey. If you go to unfamiliar neighborhoods, think about safety! Have an adult with you. This will also show that you are legitimate, reassuring the people opening their doors to meet you.

Family and Friend
This style of fundraising is the Soft as a Bees Belly・style. Everyone should be able to sell 10 to 12 bottles of Humble Angel Honey with little effort. Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie , Uncle Mo , and on down the family line. Mom and Dad should have friends that would love to support your great cause, and don't forget the people that work at the same company with your parents.

Every school or parish plans Events: which creates SWARMS of people in one place. Making a Sweet opportunity to fundraise with Humble Angel Honey. Monthly pancake breakfasts, coffee and doughnuts, Banquets etc. are all wonderful possibilities to sell. Have your group or organization go around to each table and explain your cause to the people. If you set up a table, make it “Bee-Dazzled” so it catches the eye of all who enter. REMEMBER: Don't just sit behind the table and think they will come to you.

Selling in a Public Place
First, you must ask the manager of the business or supervisor of the public area, if your group can set up a table and sell for your cause. Once you get the okay, then be prepared before you get there. Attract the people with an appealing colorful table covering and poster. This will catch the eye and the curiosity of shoppers passing by. Greet everyone with cheerful enthusiasm. Again, explain why you are fundraising.
You can divide the task by taking shifts. That way everybody can participate.

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