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Key Factors to Great Fundraising Success

Begin with Prayer!: Prayer would be the first thing you and your group should do before

Make it fun: Having a fundraiser should bee fun for everyone involved. Bee Creative. The person who sells the most wins. Be sure the reward fits the age of the students or organization. You may consider having a 1st place, a 2nd place, and a 3rd place winner.

Get Support: Ask your priest to make an announcement. Your success will increase significantly if people know you can count on their support.

Posters make you noticeable: Attract people by using posters. Tell them that you’re doing.

Make your booth appealing: Nobody will approach an empty table. Make it attractive and arouse peoples curiosity to find out your mission.

Appeal to the Cause: Rather than product. Tell the people the reason for the fundraiser, who it will benefit, why it is so important,

Use incentives: Encourage your the group or organization. Use incentives to encourage them. Give away Prizes・if they sell beyond a certain number. Or, a Grand Prize・to the one who sells the most.

Get everybody involved: Don’t let all the work be done by always the same 20% of the 100% of the group. The more volunteers, the greater the success.

Discounts: Make a deal ・if you buy 2 bottles of honey the 3rd is ス price. Or, buy 4 bottles of honey and the 5th one is Free.

Determine a Specific Cause: Fundraising for the general purpose of supporting your group is less appealing than fundraising for a specific cause. You want to motivate benefactors by telling them what youre trying to raise money for (mission trip, pro-life, school supplies, etc. )

Put Someone in Charge: Appoint someone to overview the fundraiser and get everything organized.

Persevere: Raising the necessary funds for your project doesn’t happen in one day. Determination is a key factor for a Great Success.

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