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(C) 2012-2013 Humble Angel Honey

514 South 13th Street, Suite 300, Omaha, NE  68102

Phone 1-800-257-9840 or 1-402-671-0402


Dear friend of the Pro-Life movement,

Are you tired of secular fundraisers? We were! Are you looking for a fundraising product that reflects your FAITH and Glorifies GOD? We were! But, most importantly... we were set on finding a fundraising company that was PRO-LIFE. Finding nothing, we thought, “Let’s do something about it” … and we did!

With much prayer to our Lord and the support of our families, my dear friend Dr. Theresa Alloy and I, Cathy Webster, started a Christian - Pro-Life fundraising company called Humble Angel Honey. Up front, 10% of our profits go to Pro-Life charities.  It was by God’s grace, we agreed to step-out of our comfort zone to make a stand against the culture of death.

We see a great need for faithful and dedicated organizations that could fundraise for Pro-Life initiatives. The profits that would be raised, could then go to local Pro-Life organizations such as Essential Pregnancy Centers, Bethlehem House, Gabriel’s Corner, Right to Life, The Mary Weslin Home, Birthright, Memorial Gardens for the Un-born, Ultrasound machines, or even to fund students so they can experience the “March for Life” in D.C ... just to name a few.

Most of these organizations run on volunteers and donations alone. It is well known that many struggle at times to keep their doors open. Our Lord asks us for our gifts of - Time, Talent, and Treasure. Many brave, Pro-Life people are PRAYING in front of the abortion mills, hoping for this horror to end. Not everyone can be that bold. Therefore, we believe that many people WOULD give to a Pro-Life fundraiser, so they too can be involved with the cause to end abortion.

The Greatest Benefit of Selling Humble Angel Honey is the “Simplicity” Involved.

You have a great amount of flexibility in how you operate. Remember, honey does not expire, has many health benefits, and the cute angel bottles are always humbly praying against abortion! And in the Bible (Lk. 24:42) ... Jesus enjoyed it! Humble Angel Honey is the perfect way of raising funds without complications and at the same time showing your faith in GOD and protecting the most innocent of us all … THE UNBORN.

All Glory & Praise Be to God,

Cathy J. Webster and Dr. Theresa Alloy, Founders of Humble Angel Honey