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(C) 2012-2013 Humble Angel Honey

514 South 13th Street, Suite 300, Omaha, NE  68102

Phone 1-800-257-9840 or 1-402-671-0402


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will the honey be delivered?

A: We will notify you in advance of the estimated delivery time.

Q: What is the minimum number of cases that I can order?

A: There is no minimum quantity.

Q: Where does your honey come from?

A: Our honey comes from a local cooperative of beekeepers in the Mid-West.

Q: Is this natural honey?

A: Our honey is a 100% pure premium honey. Honey knows several types of quality. Humble Angel only provides you with great quality. It’s the all-natural sweetness that everybody loves!

Q: Is it possible to buy individual containers?

A: We only sell by the case. There are twelve honey containers in a case.

Q: Do I need to be part of a registered non-profit organization to do this fundraiser?

A: No. Our honey may be sold by any group or individual who needs to raise money.

Q: Some of the honey is getting hard. How do I get it soft again?

A: Honey will always start liquid and set eventually. If you want to re-liquidise it, we recommend that you place the container in a bowl of warm water, but no warmer than you can bear to keep your hand in.

Q: Does honey expire?

A: Honey is naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. It will not expire, unless you dilute it with water and then let it stand. Honey containers have been found in the tombs of ancient Egypt and are still edible after thousands of years

Q: Are we bound by a fixed selling price?

A: You can sell the honey for whatever price you think is best.

Q: Can we return some containers of honey if we don’t sell them.

A: You may return any unopened case of honey.

Q: When is the payment due?

A: Payment is due at the latest at the time of delivery.

Q: How many containers are in a case?

A: There are twelve honey containers in a case.